EarthConsole 2021-2022

One year of EarthConsole®

July marked EarthConsole®’s first year of operations. This infographic shows some figures on the projects we supported with Progressive Systems’ cloud-based platform for earth observation data processing.

One year of EarthConsole

Following in the footsteps of ESA RSS’s success Progressive Systems operated until June 2021, the first year confirmed EarthConsole® was able to respond to the needs of different research communities in all the phases of their research process. The platform has also proven to be an effective solution for educators and students. This is because EarthConsole® offers solutions ranging from algorithm development and testing to scalable massive processing campaigns, and all that’s in between. All these solutions are flexible, customizable, and scalable to meet the users’ requirements.

The user-centred evolution of our solutions is one of the founding principles of EarthConsole®. With the objective of responding to the emerging needs of our users’ community, the platform was enriched with virtual laboratories dedicated to specific communities of earth observers (see Virtual Labs). Ad hoc processing services are made available in a virtual space, through which it is also possible to network with colleagues and exchange information through forums, a repository of datasets and much more.

We remind you that if you are conducting research or have a pre-commercial or educational project, the ESA Network of Resources could grant you a voucher to access our services free of charge.

Join our community of 180+ registered users now, request a service here and we will support you all the way to submit a sponsorship application for your project to NoR.