The images used on this website have been taken from the following websites:

1. Freepik

  • PORTFOLIO section (Earth Observation Data Analysis – EODA Lab programme) Picture designed by pressfoto/Freepik
  • ABOUT US section (Team) – Picture designed by Pressfoto/Freepik

2. Pixabay

  • NEWS section (Progressive Systems at the “The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment” Forum) – Picture designed by Fill
  • NEWS section  (A new project preventing West Nile Disease spread in Italy kicks-off) – Picture designed by Mikadago
  • NEWS section top banner – picture designed by Geralt
  • ABOUT US section (Areas of Work) picture designed by Free Photo

3. Shutterstock

  • Homepage slideshow “Lisbon and delta of Tagus river” – picture by Lavizzara

4. Unsplash

  • EOsuite section top banner – Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We should be grateful if users could notify us in case of any missing photo credit, so that we can make sure to include it in this list.