Earth Observation Data Analysis – EODA Lab Programme

The increasing volume and complexity of available data and the consequent need of transforming them into meaningful insights is going hand in hand with the growing demand for skilled data scientists. Since 2016 Progressive Systems collaborates with the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Rome La Sapienza in the framework of its Master’s degree in Data Science. The Master’s course prepares highly skilled professionals in data manipulation and visualization, large scale computing, statistical modelling and algorithmic thinking.

The Earth Observation Data Analysis – EODA Lab Programme organized by Progressive Systems in this context offers students the possibility of concretely applying what learned during the Master’s degree and channelling it towards the Earth Observation domain. The three-days laboratory provides an overview on the Sentinel Missions, the next-generation Earth Observation missions developed by the European Space Agency aimed at atmospheric, oceanic and land monitoring. The Laboratory puts a heavy emphasis on a hands-on approach: side by side with Progressive Systems experts, students analyse real case studies for Sentinel – 1, Sentinel – 2 and Sentinel – 3, ranging from interferogram and displacement map generation to ship detection, qualitative flood map generation, fire detection, sea surface temperature and much more.

Figure 2: classroom excercise – Sentinel-2 RGB over Lake Vico area – Italy – in summer (left) and winter (right)

Figure 2: classroom excercise – Maximum Chlorophyll Index from Sentinel-2 imagery over River Pescara estuary